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Unlock the simplicity of learning Spanish! Explore ongoing support and dive into language and culture with The Spanish Line: your journey to Spanish proficiency starts here.

At The Spanish Line, we believe that learning Spanish should be as enriching and vibrant an experience as the language itself. That’s why we are proud to offer a range of live and online Spanish courses that adhere to the European standard, designed for all levels, from beginners to those looking to achieve complete mastery of the language.

Learning Spanish: a cultural
and linguistic adventure

Spanish is more than just a language; it is the key to numerous cultures around the world. 

Aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), our courses are structured to immerse you in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, aiding you in communicating and understanding the vast universe of literature, cinema, music, and traditions woven into the fabric of Spanish.

Explore the features of our courses

Number of Classes

You will have a total of 10 classes spread over 10 weeks.

Class Duration

Each class has a duration of 2 hours.

Online Material

Access to online course materials is included.

Class Size

Classes are designed for a  interactive group with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 attendees.

Affordable Pricing

The course is priced at £200, making it only £10 per hour of instruction.

Spanish Course for Beginners: Levels A1 and A2

For language beginners

Spanish for beginners A1.1


Our A1 level courses are meticulously designed to lay the foundations of your linguistic journey, introducing basic concepts and everyday communication.

Spanish for pre-intermediate A2


Level A2 expands on the A1 Level skills, offering a deeper understanding of grammatical structures and a broader vocabulary.

Intermediate Spanish Courses: Levels B1 and B2

Deepen your understanding and expression

Spanish for Intermediate B1


As you reach the intermediate level, you will focus on refining your ability to communicate in more complex situations and understanding texts in greater depth. Levels B1 and B2 are crucial for gaining fluency and confidence, and our courses are designed to challenge you and expand your linguistic horizons.

Spanish for Upper Intermediate B2


At the B2 level there is an improvement in the ability to express oneself with more complexity and nuance. Learners at the B2 level can handle a wider range of topics, engage in more sophisticated conversations, and understand more complex written and spoken texts.

Advanced and Proficiency Spanish Courses: Levels C1 and C2

For spanish enthusiasts


Reaching an advanced level in Spanish opens up endless opportunities. At The Spanish Line, our C1 and C2 levels are aimed at perfecting your skills, preparing you to use Spanish effectively in academic and professional contexts. These courses are led by expert instructors who will guide you to a level of language proficiency akin to that of a native speaker. We offer a tailored learning experience where the content, pace, and focus of the class are adjusted to meet the specific needs and preferences of an individual learner.

Discover what sets our courses apart

Learning Spanish

Interactive and Dynamic Classes

Experience modern teaching methods that make every class a captivating journey.

Learning Spanish

Expert Instructors

Our team of native, certified teachers boasts years of expertise, ensuring top-notch education.

Spanish Courses

Flexible Scheduling

Tailored to your busy life, we offer diverse schedules for your convenience.

Personalised Support

Benefit from individualised attention and steady progress in our small, focused groups.

Our achievements speak for themselves

Years of Expertise
Crafting Spanish mastery.
Classes Delivered
+ 1

Each one a step towards fluency.

Happy learners
+ 1
And counting, each with their own success story.

5-Star Rated

Because quality teaching is our commitment.
Maria Charalambous
Read More
Ana is an amazing teacher and I cannot recommend her enough! The online classes with her are always super fun and interactive, helping me gain confidence in speaking, have a great time even in front of the laptop, and make friends along the way! I have started classes with her at level A1.3 and I'm now at level B1. All these years she has not only taught me Spanish as a language, but also everything about Spanish and Latin American culture, making the classes fun and interesting! Best teacher ever!😁
David Batchelor
Read More
I would thoroughly recommend Ana as a Spanish teacher! I had one-to-one lessons with her over the period of 4 months to prepare me as much as possible before moving to Spain. I had studied Spanish previously, doing evening classes and other one to one lessons but I feel I progressed more in those 4 months than any other learning period. Ana’s teaching style is very fun and engaging, motivating and encouraging. Each lesson was well prepared. She uses a varied mixture of material that works well to help with fluency and her use of online tools made it extremely easy to interact during lessons and for homework too. She has helped me greatly in key areas that I previously struggled with. Thank you Ana!
Ellie M.
Read More
I never thought I would enjoy learning a language, but Ana is such a fantastic teacher that I look forward to my lessons every week! She goes at my own pace and includes lots of fun games and conversation activities to get me talking and improve my confidence. Online lessons work really well for me as I can fit them round my job and home life easily. Ana is really good at using the online platforms to enhance learning in creative and fun ways. As an adult student I didn't think I'd ever be able to learn a whole new language, but with Ana's great teaching I am progressing quickly and can now have conversations in Spanish! Gracias Ana 🙂
Kamila M.
Read More
I definitely love the teacher Ana Martin. She is very patient, nice and makes learning spanish fun. She has so many different ways to get to all of the types of students with a smile. I have had her as my teacher for over two years and managed to go up to level B2 and I'm proud to say I now can speak to my in laws 🙂 It was the best decision I have ever made
Pam B.
Read More
Ana creates a warm, friendly and fun learning environment and really takes a personal interest in her students and their progress, matching activities and content to suit their level and learning needs. I've gained so much confidence, particularly with speaking. It's been and continues to be a fantastic learning experience. Thanks, Ana. Muchisimas gracias!
Nicholette Ross
Read More
I had one-on-one classes with Ana. She was great to work with and constantly checked in with me to be sure I was getting what I wanted out of each class. Ana was always prepared and had exercises planned specifically for what I wanted to improve. She also provided good feedback after each class on things I could focus on before the next class. Highly recommend her!
Ruan Tremayne
Read More
Ana is a brilliant teacher, and was extremely helpful in the lead up to the DELE B2 exam. She is extremely discernable and conscientious, and I cannot recommend her enough.
Carl B.
Read More
He estudiado con Ana por unos años. Empecé con un curso de preparación para el DELE B2 y regresé para estudiar con Ana para el DELE C2. En sus clases hay un grande rango de temas y ejercicios de pronunciación incluyendo trabaja lenguas divertidas, de gramática, de escritura, de lectora y de conversaciones. Cada clase está bien estructurada tiene un objetivo claro. Además, me gustan las presentaciones de PowerPoint, el uso de videos y juegos para aprender. Después de aprobar mis exámenes DELE he seguido estudiando con Ana cada semana. En estas clases he leído unas de las obras más famosas en la lengua española y cada semana hablamos sobre lo que he leído y Ana contesta mis preguntas y aclara mis dudas.

Not sure about your Spanish level?

Take the first step towards a tailored learning experience

Not sure about your Spanish level?

Take the first step towards a tailored learning experience

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We answer to the most asked questions

Your level is established through a free placement test before you start your courses, ensuring you enrol in the class that best suits your skills and goals.
Yes, we provide specialised DELE preparation courses with exam strategies and intensive practice to maximise your chances of success.
All you need is a stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and, preferably, a microphone and camera for class interaction
Absolutely. We offer the flexibility to switch levels if you and your instructor agree that a different course better fits your progress.
We keep our classes small, with 6-10 students per group, to ensure personalised attention and maximum participation.
We offer the possibility of recording the classes in case all students consent. We will also send a summary with the material covered in the lesson.Are the courses aligned with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels? “Yes, our courses are aligned with the CEFR levels to ensure an international standard of teaching and learning.
We accept various payment methods, including credit cards and bank transfers

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