Spanish Language Courses

Who are these courses for

Our courses are designed for adults, who are interested in learning the Spanish language, the culture and all the vibe that surrounds Spain and its heritage. Your age does not matter at all (as long as you are over 18) you may be a student, a lawyer, a gardener, a shopkeeper, a doctor or enjoying your golden years looking for a new entertaining hobby. Everybody who is keen to learn the language is welcome to join us for the journey.

Diversity at the Spanish Line

Our teaching methods

During our classes we cover the four most important segments of language learning: reading comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression and most importantly oral expression.

Who said that learning a new language cannot be fun? To help mastering your skills, you will find in each class a great variety of activities: grammatical exercises, audios, texts, games in groups, conversational activities, vocabulary, etc. Time will fly.

Duration of our courses

Our courses consist of ten classes, each of them with the duration of two hours. Depending on the demand we offer courses with one or two classes per week until completing the ten classes.

Of course, we are flexible and are always looking for possible collaboration. In case you have a group of friends or your company is interested we would be glad to hear from you. Contact us on hablamos@thespanishline.co.uk 

What do you need to attend our classes

Our classes take place on Zoom. This is an incredible application that allows everyone to interact and create small groups to work together. You only need an electronic device preferably a PC or Tablet with a camera and microphone, earphones/headphones and internet connection, ideally with Google Chrome. And, of course, your enthusiasm.

We will provide you with a link to access the classes for the whole duration of the course.