Spanish DELE - Exam Preparation

If you landed on this page you must be someone who likes setting inspiring goals for yourself. Passing the DELE exam of the Cervantes Institute is indeed one of these beautiful challenges. Completing your chosen exam will reward you with an official, internationally accepted qualification that could enhance your CV, help you get into a better university or contribute to your application for Spanish nationality.

There are various levels of DELE exams, depending on your Spanish language knowledge, you may opt to challenge yourself with A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 exams. Most of the people attend the DELE A2 mainly because this is the minimum requirement to possibly achieve the Spanish nationality. Other popular exams are level B1 and B2, especially as speakers of these levels feature certain level of fluency in spoken and written Spanish that is ideal to secure a job in a Spanish speaking environment.

These are the segments that are evaluated in the DELE exam:

DELE Exam - The Spanish Line

Preparation at The Spanish Line

During the DELE exam preparation at The Spanish Line we help you understand the different exercises you will need to perform during the exam and will provide you with various strategies to reach the highest result possible. You will learn how to prepare different type of documents (formal and informal letters, articles, reports, applications, etc.), we will provide you with strategies to better understand the audios & lectures and we will give you ideas how to face the oral expression part of the exam. We will also assist you with all the necessary information that you require to subscribe to one of the exams.

At The Spanish Line we believe that despite the high requirements of the DELE exam it is definitely worth all the efforts, as at the end, you will hold a word wide acknowledged certificate that represents your Spanish language knowledge and will be the symbol of your hard work for ever.