Costumbres Sociales - Estereotipos

Listen to the recording of our Clubhouse room: Costumbres Sociales - Estereotipos

Since #Clubhouse made it possible we found it extremely useful to record our rooms and make it available to our followers so they can listen to it again, again and again improving their auditory processing skills.

(To listen to the audio you need a #Clubhouse account. Click here to register)

Learn the vocabulary and test your knowledge.

Are you familiar with Quizlet? It is a fantastic tool that we use to enhance language learning for our students. Start the game and learn the vocabulary from our Clubhouse rooms playing. Should you wish to explore the game further please do not hesitate to click on this link.

By clicking on the yellow button you may download the PDF document of the vocabulary for your studies. Should you prefer a more entertaining way of learning select you study mode in the bottom right corner and play quizlet.