The latest information about our school along with Online learning material, Audio recordings, Typical Spanish recipes and much more.

Clubhouse: Vocabulario y Audio

Have you ever participated in one of our classes in #Clubhouse? It is all about conversation and boosting confidence in speaking Spanish. 

Ana and Marta along with their friends organise a Spanish class where they discuss interesting topics, debates and situations from real life to help you improve your verbal expression and auditory comprehension. 

What are you waiting for, come and listen to the recordings and learn the vocabulary playing Quizlet.

This Blog is a dedication to Spanish food and to the culture that surrounds Spanish cuisine. We share these posts to celebrate some of the famous dishes Spain has to offer to the world, introducing simple recipes that everybody can prepare.

With our unique touch you will bring a new taste to your gatherings making you “la estrella de la cocina”.

¡Buen provecho!

In this Blog we talk about the various festivities and customs that are celebrated within the Hispanic community around the world. Through these blog entries you will travel to the scenes and learn how to celebrate like a native Hispanic.

¡Disfruta el viaje!

We are rediscovering Spain since our return from the UK. This may take some time but we are committed to share with you our findings and experience. You may as well use these short summaries to improve your reading comprehension and auditory processing. What are you waiting for? ¡Sube al tren y explora con nosotros!