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Our project was born from the concept that learning Spanish is a journey. Imagine yourself leaving home with some luggage in one hand and with a train ticket in the other. You feel enthusiastic and curious but nervous as you don’t know what awaits you on this journey. But this journey will never disappoint because with each step you increase your knowledge, create friendships, fantastic experiences, you gain more confidence and as a sudden you realise that you belong to the Spanish community. The Spanish Line is an online Spanish language school where we offer courses of different type and level following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

You may choose us because our high quality, dynamic and diverse courses where you can learn the language, the culture, many Hispanic customs and because you can socialise with other likeminded people. Being an online language school, we offer the possibility to attend our classes from the most comfortable spot of your choice, let it be your home, your office, a restaurant, from London or from the North Pole. The only things you need is a device with a camera and a microphone  and internet connection.

Founders of The Spanish Line

We are a friendly, enthusiastic, proactive, committed and passionate team who were lucky enough to live and work in various European countries where we have learnt the importance of foreign languages and the beauty of interculturality.

The foundation of our team are our graduated native professors who have gained significant experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). We adapt to the requirements of our students, our classes are motivating, energetic and highly entertaining.

Our teaching methods

During our classes we cover the four most important segments of language learning: reading comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression and most importantly oral expression. To help mastering your skills, you will find in each class a great variety of activities: grammatical exercises, audios, texts games in groups, conversational activities, vocabulary, etc.

Also, when you sign up for one of our courses we provide you complimentary with the textbooks and online tools we use during our classes and consider useful for your extra scholar practices.

What do you need to attend our classes at The Spanish Line?

You only need an electronic device (preferably a PC  or Tablet with a camera and microphone) and internet connection.



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